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Unlock The Value Of Your Property – UnlockHome

Here at UnlockHome, we’re different from traditional real estate agents. We handle the entire buying and selling process end-to-end, matching you to the right profiles and ensuring that your real estate investments are optimal for your portfolio and needs. Whether you’re a first-timer or seasoned property investor, UnlockHome helps you unlock the value of your property, and start growing your wealth. The best part – we only require a 1% COMMISSION FEE, just half of what traditional agents are asking!

For Homebuyers

Purchasing a property – whether as a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned property investor – is often a significant milestone and investment. Here at UnlockHome, we ensure that your investment is the right one – suited to your needs and at an affordable budget. 


We’ve simplified the process of finding a home into a streamlined, optimized process. Check out our 5-step process below, and get started on finding your perfect home today.

For Sellers

The process of selling your home is notoriously difficult – but it doesn’t have to be! UnlockHome handles the entire process for you, using best practices to get the most reach, awareness, and exposure for your unit.


With our network of ready buyers offering competitive offers, and our creative marketing services, your home is sure to be in high demand. Check out the plethora of services we offer below – all for just 1% commission!

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For Landlords

Looking to rent out your home and collect on rental income? Rental and property management can be a chore, especially when it comes to finding the right tenants. UnlockHome manages your property on your behalf, for a low fee of just $100/month. 


Whether it’s finding tenants, liaising with them, marketing your unit, or even fixing the wear and tear in between tenants, UnlockHome manages it all, meaning the only thing you’ll have to do is collect on rental income.

Tenant Management

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Upkeep & Repairs

Modern Interior

Property Marketing

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Property Matters

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Market Insights, Homeowner Tips, And More!