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Looking To Purchase Your Dream Home?

Buying a property – whether as a first-time buyer or as a savvy investor – is often a milestone. But, what are the main considerations homeowners and investors need to look at before buying a property?


Some properties are selling at sky-high prices, while others are barely even making a profit. Some are even selling at a negative loss! This begs the question – which property is the RIGHT investment for you and your unique needs? Let’s check out some examples down below (click in for magnified view)

The Sail at Marina Bay

Profitable Transactions

The Sail and Marina Bay Profitable (New)

Unprofitable Transactions

The Sail and Marina Bay Unprofitable (Ne

Even with similar-sized units in the same development, there can be drastic differences in price! Take for example, Sky at Eleven, where a unit made up to $1,629,000. A unit of a similar size however, incurred a shocking loss of $1,463,000, proving that all properties are truly not made equal. UnlockHome helps you analyse the potential value of your property, as well as the right timing to enter the market.

Properties Not Made Equal

Keen To Find Out Which Property Allows You To Achieve The Same Capital Gain? Receive A Free Property Analysis Report Today!

Recycled Paper

Looking To Enter The Property Market?

It’s important to understand how properties differ, but it’s also important to understand the different types of property purchases. Here, we break down the most common types of property purchases, so you understand exactly where you’re at in your real estate journey, and how you can enter the market.

Matrimonial Home

Just got engaged and looking for a matrimonial home? Congratulations! Buying your first home can be daunting, since it’s a first step towards starting your own family. But, it doesn’t have to be! With UnlockHome, we’ll walk you through the entire process of purchasing your first home, whether it’s a BTO, HDB, or Condo.

Matrimonial Home.png

Investment Property

Experienced real estate investor? You’re probably aware and up-to-date on the latest property trends, and market movements. However, if you’ve got a portfolio of different investments, it can be tiring to keep having to be on the up-and-up. UnlockHome helps advise you along your investment journey, giving you the insights you need, and doing the legwork of researching for you.

Investment Properties.png

Asset Progression

Just reached M.O.P, and looking to upgrade your HDB to a private property? Asset progression via real estate is the perfect way to start growing your wealth, even with little to $0 extra cash outlay! UnlockHome helps you unlock the value of your HDB, and leverage it to upgrade your home to a private property, gaining you much more in capital gains and value.

Asset Progression.jpg

Buyer Agent Commission

While traditional agents often charge a 2% commission, we believe in giving our clients the most value for the lowest possible price. We’ve streamlined our processes to ensure the maximum value and highest-quality services – all for just 1% commission.

HDB Flat


Private Property


Our Clear Advantage

Traditional property agents just not cutting it for you? UnlockHome offers everything a traditional agent can, and much more. Check out the UnlockHome difference below.

What Do We Offer:

Unlock Home

Traditional Property Agents

Dedicated Full-service Property Agent

Well-Connected Seller Network


Detailed Property Valuation Report


Professional Photography, Floorplan Details, Brochures


Maximum Exposure – Online & Offline


Weekly Progress Reports





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