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5 Fengshui Steps To Look Out For During Property Viewings

If you’re a believer of feng shui, you’ll know that good feng shui is one of the most important things to look out for in a property. For the uninitiated, Feng Shui is the practice of enhancing lives by harnessing the positive energies of the surrounding environment, and creating balance with the natural world. Today, UnlockHome shares 5 main steps to determining if your home has good energy flow.

To start off, here’s a basic rundown – there are 3 key positionings to look out for when buying property: the position of the main door, kitchen, and master bedroom. This position is in relation to the sector that they are in – more on that below!

STEP 1: Divide your home into 9 sectors.

The first step to applying Feng Shui techniques – divide the home into 9 sectors, each with its corresponding compass orientation. Each sector is represented by one of the trigrams in the ba gua, wth their corresponding element.

STEP 2: Identify which sector your main door is located in

The main entrance has long been seen as the most important sector of the house, since it determines the direction of the house, and is the entrance through which “qi” (energy) flows into the house.

STEP 3: Determine the orientation of the master bedroom

After the main entrance, the most important room in the house is the master bedroom, being the room you’ll likely spend the most time in. This means it’s critical to ensure the master bedroom is located in a good sector. Ideally, your master bedroom should be in the sector where the auspicious stars of Period 8 are in (Stars 1, 8, 9).

STEP 4: Determine harmony of main door and master bedroom

Each space isn’t just by itself, but plays a part in forming the natural harmony and balance of the house. A general rule of thumb – the elements within the sectors should be harmonized (for example, a main door in the Southwest and a master bedroom in the Northeast). Should the elements clash, that property would not be considered the most suitable property for a home.

STEP 5: Determine the position of the kitchen – to further enhance the energy flow

Generally speaking, once the main door and master bedroom are in harmonized sectors, the house is considered auspicious. However, if the kitchen is also in an auspicious sector, it’s a further “enhancer” to the energy flow and balance. Of course, no worries if you can’t get a house where the kitchen is ideal, as you can simply shift the kitchen door or stove to remedy this.

With these basic 5 steps, you should be all set! Houses that meet this criteria are often considered auspicious, and would likely make a good home.

Considering a new property, but unsure where to start? We’re UnlockHome, and we’ve helped many homeowners along their real estate journey. We’d love to guide you along too! Check out our website at for more.

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