5 Things to Look Out For When Purchasing a Resale HDB Flat

HDB flats – well-renowned as the best public housing program in the world, according to the World Bank. Chances are, you’ve grown up in an HDB flat, and you might be looking to purchase your very own resale HDB now! In fact, the resale market has been booming, with delays in BTOs pushing many of us to consider the resale market instead. If that’s you, UnlockHome’s rounded up 5 of the most important things to look out for when purchasing your HDB resale flat.


An oft-overlooked factor, the orientation of your unit is incredibly important in choosing your dream home! The orientation to avoid is West-facing, because this means your home will bear the brunt of the evening heat when the sun sets. Bring a compass, and avoid the West!


For resale flats, it’s extremely important to check on the remaining lease. HDBs are 99-year lease, and they tend to depreciate sharply after 25 years, due to lease decay. To avoid being stuck with an old, depreciating flat, check the lease before you buy!


Of course, every seller will want to present their house in the best possible light. However, there might be hidden issues that could potentially be deal-breakers. Check the water pressure of taps and showers, and look out for watermarks on the ceiling or walls. Look out for fungi beneath and wooden floorings, and cracks in the walls. You should also take note of the current tile patterns, and how many built-in features there are, because changing tiles or demolishing built-in features often isn’t cheap.


The bane of many Singaporeans, noise levels can be an issue, especially in a country with such high density as Singapore. This goes double if you live near an MRT, as chances are you’re trading the convenience for a constant “click-clack-click-clack” as the trains go by. Living near an expressway? Same thing, but prepare for more angry horns especially during peak hour traffic. To avoid an unpleasant surprise like this, visit the unit at least 3 times, at different times of the day, to check out everyday noise conditions.


Beyond just the unit itself, the surrounding amenities are just as important! After all, how can a Singaporean foodie survive without easy access to a “downstairs kopitiam”? Take a walk around the neighbourhood, note the different amenities within easy walking distance – shopping malls, dining, as well as transportation. Visualise yourself living there, and assess if the accessibility is to your liking.

That’s our round-up of the 5 most important things to look out for when you’re purchasing an HDB resale flat! If you’re a homebuyer looking to purchase a resale flat, but unsure where to begin, UnlockHome is here to help! As the name goes, we help you unlock the value of your home, and guide you along your real estate journey, providing you the absolute maximum value and service – all for just 1%. Check out our website at for more!