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About UnlockHome

Real estate is probably one of the most expensive assets we own. In fact, for many people, it’s a dream come true to own your first property, and even more so when you’re finally able to upgrade to a private property, and start leveraging it to earn your first pot of gold.

However, property investment does come with its challenges. Transactions can be long drawn-out, stressful, and incredibly tedious. At UnlockHomes, we understand the pains many homeowners face, including limited time and resources, and we aim to help alleviate these burdens and make the home buying and selling process as easy as possible.

We’ve met countless different homebuyers along the way, from newly-weds looking for matrimonial homes, to seasoned property investors looking to expand their property portfolios. What we’ve realized is that most buyers often hold the same assumption – new launches make the most money. While that’s somewhat true, it’s not always the case! In fact, with the right analysis and evaluation, we’ve discovered some true gems in the resale market, proving that even resale condos can earn owners high profits. All you need is a proper, in-depth analysis, on location, region, type of development, nearby amenities, and all the various factors affecting capital appreciation, and you’ll soon discover a wealth of hidden gems in every market.

At UnlockHome, we’re also experts in HDB upgrading, having met and guided hundreds of clients along their HDB upgrading journey. Have you ever wondered why some neighbours, earning the same household income, can end up with such different lives? The secret is asset progression planning – a tried and tested technique used by countless homeowners to upgrade to a private property and start growing their wealth.

However, HDB upgraders often face a double challenge – having to both buy a new home, and sell their existing one at the same time. This is where we come in, first on the buyer-side to help you analyse the best properties to purchase, then on the seller-side with a full suite of creative marketing services to get you the maximum exposure and awareness for your property. From 360º virtual tours, to professional photography, videography, and social media marketing, we frame your home in the best possible light for the highest value, while also connecting you with our exclusive ready-buyer network to get the most competitive cheque offers for your property – all for just 1% commission!

Why 1%? The answer is simple – we genuinely want to help our clients get the absolute best value for their money. Taking an average HDB worth around $500,000, with a market rate of 2% commission, that’s up to $10,000 spent on commission alone. Could some of that hard-earned profits be put to good use elsewhere? That’s why UnlockHome believes in maximum value, and premium services, all for just 1% commission.

As a one-stop property solutions provider, we also provide end-to-end Property Management services – from tenant matching and management, to upkeep and maintenance. Having heard many of our clients’ frustrations and concerns, we understand that property management – particularly tenant management, can be an extremely arduous process. UnlockHome handles the entire process for you, meaning all you’ll need to do is sit back, and collect on rental income. Whether you’re holding power of attorney, or a property investor with multiple properties to manage, or even if you’re not physically located in Singapore, we make property management fuss-free throughout the process.

No matter where you are in your property journey, UnlockHome would love to help you unlock the value of your home, and get the maximum value out of it. Visit us at, or drop us a call or message today!

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