Can An Average Singaporean Own Multiple Properties?

The one question we always ask homeowners is: What’s your ultimate dream? So many homeowners dream of owning a condo, or even multiple condos, a landed property, and so on. Yet, most of them dismiss their dreams as pipe dreams – unattainable and unachievable. Here’s the thing, our dreams are often much more feasible than we think!

For Derek and Ashley, this was exactly the case. Their ultimate dream was to own multiple properties – one for homestay and one for investment. However, they thought it was completely impossible, since they were upgrading from a 5-room HDB flat. How could they even afford it? With that in mind, they decided to upgrade to a resale condo for homestay, and give up on their investment dreams.

Thankfully, their story doesn’t end here. Derek and Ashley met with UnlockHome during the upgrading process, and we asked them that very same question. We then sat down with them for a detailed financial consultation and calculation, strategically mapping and planning out their current financial standing, and a roadmap for the future. Derek and Ashley realized that, contrary to their belief, it was actually possible and well within budget for them to upgrade to a resale condo and purchase a new launch condo for investment purposes!

With UnlockHome, Derek and Ashley set out to achieve their dream. The first step? Selling their HDB. Of course, selling a HDB is not just a walk in the park. UnlockHome leveraged the best creative marketing strategies and channels to bring in maximum awareness and exposure for their HDB, connecting Derek and Ashley to our ready-buyer network, and getting extremely competitive offers for their home. This came through the form of social media marketing, virtual tours, and other creative marketing tactics aimed at showcasing Derek and Ashley’s home in the best possible light.

Thanks to UnlockHome, Derek and Ashley were able to sell their HDB above valuation, bringing in a hefty profit – more than enough for them to upgrade comfortably to a 3 bedder resale condo, and invest in a stunning new luxury launch for investment. The best part? Their property was sold with only 1% transaction fee!

Derek and Ashley are just some of many homeowners who have taken this journey with UnlockHome. If you’re a homeowner looking for a change in lifestyle, we’d want to ask you – what is your ultimate dream? Whether it’s a condo, or multiple condos even, we’d love to help you achieve your dreams. At UnlockHome, we’ll help you unlock the value of your home, providing you the absolute maximum value and service – all for just 1%. Check out our website at, and discover how you can have your dream home (or homes) today.