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Can The Average Singaporean Still Own A Private Condo?

Dreamed of owning a private condo, but never really thought it was possible? So did Joseph and Kelly. Their ultimate dream was to own a private condo in the heart of the Central Business District, close to Joseph’s workplace and surrounded by elite schools for their young children. But, being just average Singaporeans, they thought it was practically impossible.

When Joseph and Kelly’s flat met their minimum occupation period, they decided it was time to move. However, their dream of a private condo seemed so far-fetched, and they felt it would be wiser to upgrade to a bigger flat, in a more central region with better schools for their children. Joseph and Kelly regretfully set aside their ultimate dream, and went about trying to secure a 5-room flat for their family.

For most Singaporeans, the story ends here – with a private condo being simply a pipe dream. Thankfully for Joseph and Kelly, this was where they met UnlockHome. Through UnlockHome’s detailed financial calculations, as well as strategic mapping and planning, Joseph and Kelly realized – a private condo was not only possible, but well within their budget! With this realization, they set out to upgrade to their dream home.

Joseph and Kelly then faced their first hurdle – selling their HDB. As HDB homeowners, they had to sell their HDB before or within 6 months of buying their condo, or face a hefty Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) fee. That’s where UnlockHome came in, leveraging the best creative marketing strategies and channels to ensure their HDB had the best possible awareness and exposure, and gaining them many competitive offers, pushing the price of their property up. For starters, UnlockHome created a fully-functional, 360º virtual tour of their home, so buyers could view the unit from the comfort of their own homes. UnlockHome also leveraged the power of social media to spread the word, creating buzz and hype, and drawing viewers in.

Thanks to UnlockHome, Joseph and Kelly were able to sell their HDB above valuation, and put the profits towards their dream home, with some profits still left over! For Joseph and Kelly, this was truly a dream come true – living in their dream private condo, and enjoying life. The icing on the cake – their property was sold with only 1% transaction fee!

If you’re dreaming of owning a private condo too, here’s the good news – it’s not as far-fetched as you think! UnlockHome helps you unlock the value of your home, providing you the absolute maximum value and service – all for just 1%. Check out our website at, and discover how you can have your dream home today.

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