Condo Resale, Should You Be Looking Into One?

New launch condos, or resale condos? If you’re looking for your next property, that’s likely the first question on your mind. Of course, we all know the stereotypes of resale condos – older developments, no more capital gain, mainly for homestay rather than investment. But don’t turn up your nose at resale condos just yet! It’s important to remember that not all properties are made equal, and some resale condos do in fact have strong capital gain potential as well. With that being said, how can we ascertain the value of a resale condo, and should you be considering one for your property portfolio?

When it comes to capital appreciation, one of the main factors to consider is the upcoming growth plans within the region. These growth plans will become the main drivers of capital appreciation in the future, since the regional development will create more jobs, infrastructure, connectivity, and convenience for residents, contributing to a higher future resale value. In fact, here at UnlockHome, we guide and educate our clients on their preferred region’s growth plans, which can be found in the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)’s Masterplan. The URA Masterplan is reviewed every 5 years, and is a comprehensive overview of the different upcoming developments and transformations in Singapore. With this masterplan, UnlockHome provides our clients with a detailed analysis of the region, including growth plans and their implications, to discover the best resale condo for our client that matches their specific needs. Through this, our clients have discovered some rare gems in the market, taking advantage of these properties to reap hefty profits.

So, if you’re an HDB upgrader, it might be time to consider a resale condo instead. In fact, there’s many other perks to resale condos that you just can’t get in new launches. For example, since a resale condo is already built, you get to view the exact unit you’re looking at, meaning no more unpleasant surprises. So fret not, you won’t have to worry about a neighbouring building completely blocking your panoramic 360º city skyline view, or an ill-placed garbage chute causing a terrible smell. And, the icing on the cake – you don’t have to wait 5 years for your condo to be built, and you can move in immediately.

If you’re thinking of investing in a resale condo, now’s the perfect time! The private resale market has been surging over the past year, reaching a new high in May even in the midst of the global pandemic and economic downturn. This means, it’s the perfect time to sell your HDB and upgrade to a private resale condo, and start growing your wealth! Unsure where to begin? UnlockHome helps you unlock the value of your home, providing you the absolute maximum value and service – all for just 1%. Check out our website at for more!