HDB resale prices rise for 13th straight month

HDB resale prices have once again defied gravity, rising for the 13th straight month in July. This means that it has been over a year of prices rising now, a phenomenon that’s incredibly rare especially in HDBs. In fact, 19 million-dollar flats were sold in June, and experts have termed this increase as a “relentless expansion”. What’s going on in the market, and what’s driving this demand?

One of the main driving factors is the robust demand, pushed up by home buyers who have been affected by the massive COVID-19 construction delays for BTO flats. This has caused buyers to seek certainty in resale flats instead, with little to no waiting time. While in the past, BTO flats were more desirable due to their status as brand new and well-designed, now resale flats are getting facelifts of their own, with owners choosing to conduct massive renovations, interior design, and more.

A second driving factor is the recent reports of sellers selling their flats above valuation, and as prices increase further, these reports are coming in fast and furious. As more and more sellers jump on the bandwagon, prices seem set to increase further, fueled by an increasing demand and changing buyer preferences.

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