Phase 2 HA - What you need to know about property viewing?

With the announcement of Phase 2 Heightened Alert, you might be thinking, ahhh, here we go again. You’re definitely not alone! But, what we’ve learnt over the past year is the importance of being adaptable, and taking things in stride. So, cheer up Singapore! We’ve got this!

For real estate investors and homebuyers, your question might be, how will property viewings look like in this heightened alert phase? Essentially, pretty much the same, just with some additional safety measures. So don’t worry, you can still view and choose your dream home. The main thing to note is, only 2 distinct people can visit a property in one day. This means a property can only have 1 viewing a day, with 1 agent and 1 client. What that means is, there’s likely to be a drop in physical viewings, since the restrictions only allow for one viewing a day, and you might want to schedule your viewing quickly, before all slots get taken up!

Of course, these days, physical viewings are no longer the only way to view a property. UnlockHome does virtual 360º tours, available online, so viewers like you can view a property from the comfort of your home, without the need for social distancing, health and safety measures, and other considerations that might be a bit of a hassle (necessary, but still a hassle!). In fact, we’re seeing a rise in buyers purchasing properties just from online viewings, or in some cases, even just online photos, showing that buyers are turning to technology and virtual viewings to select their dream home.

The property market in general is also booming! With work-from-home continuing to be the default, there’s an increasing trend towards larger homes. At the same time, with delays in construction leading to delayed BTOs and new launches, the resale market in particular is seeing a massive surge. This trend is unlikely to cease anytime soon, as supply delays continue to push the resale market up. This means, if you’re looking for a new home, your best bet might just be the resale market, where you can find some incredibly undervalued gems.

Looking to buy a property, but unsure how to navigate the current restrictions? UnlockHome is here to help! We’ve guided many homeowners along their real estate journey, and we’d love to help you too. UnlockHome helps you unlock the value of your home, providing you the absolute maximum value and service – all for just 1%. Check out our website at for more!