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Looking To Sell Your Property At A Higher Value?

Selling your property is no longer as simple as taking a few photos and listing the property online. There’s a whole host of considerations – timing, awareness, reach, marketing, and more! Discover how UnlockHome can help you unlock the value of your home, and get the maximum available value for your property.

The Secret To Selling Your Home At A Higher Value? CREATIVE MARKETING.

Marketing is an oft-overlooked part of the selling process, but it has the potential to completely change the way your home is perceived in the eyes of consumers, ultimately bringing the value of your home up. UnlockHome offers various services as an all-in-one creative marketing package, all for just 1% commission.

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Virtual 360 Degree Tour

These days, it’s not enough to just look at photos. People want to be immersed in the property, imagining themselves as living in the home. Virtual tours do just that – create an immersive, 360º experience for potential buyers, so they can imagine themselves making a home in the property, driving the appeal and value of your property up dramatically.

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Social Media Ad

With digital marketing here to stay for the long-term, social media is an incredibly powerful tool, and a crucial marketing channel for your property. As buyers get even more technologically-savvy, it’s important to leverage on the power of social media to get maximum awareness and exposure.

Interior Design


A picture’s worth a thousand words, and professional photography is a must-have in real estate, even more so in this digital age. Professional photography – with proper lighting, angles, and technique – can detail intricate features of your property that smartphones can only hope to capture.



If pictures can entice an audience, videos are what drives the message home. Professional videography such as home tours can bring out the essence of your property, taking potential buyers around the property while being extremely engaging and entertaining at the same time. These videos help to point out key features of your property that might otherwise be overlooked.


An All-In-One Package – At Just 1% Commission

We believe in maximum value for our clients, at the lowest possible prices. While most agents charge 2% for the absolute basic packages, we want to ensure you get the best possible value, and the highest-quality services. If this is what you’re looking for, drop us a message or a call today! 

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UnlockHome Enables You To Unlock The Value Of Your Home, And Start Your Real Estate Journey, Without Overstretching Your Finances.

Like every investment, it’s extremely important to plan ahead financially, to ensure the investment is a viable one. At UnlockHome, we crack our brains on this process, so you don’t have to! Here’s our 4-step process to investing in a new property.

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1. Assessment of Financial Standing

It’s important to understand your current financial standing, to ensure you don’t overstretch your finances.

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2. Create Safety Net For The Next 3 - 4 Years

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3. Source For Next Property

After analysis, it’s time to look for your dream property, taking into account your unique needs and preferences.

When it comes to investments, it’s always necessary to have a strong financial safety net, for a viable investment.

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4. Provide Property Advisory

The best way to kickstart your investment journey is to have qualified consultants alongside, ready to advise you.

Higher Value, Faster Process, Lower Price

The 3 pain points most sellers have: Value, Time, and Price. Most sellers either end up selling below satisfactory prices, or take an extremely long time to sell, or have to fork out an expensive commission to agents. At UnlockHome, we believe in selling your unit at the highest value, in the shortest time, and at the lowest commission.

Ready Buyers On Hand

Competitive Offers

Only 1% Commission

UnlockHome’s network of ready buyers ensures you’ll get strong demand for your unit

With various competitive offers driving the prices of your unit up, you’re all but sure to sell at a higher price

At UnockHome, you’re getting the absolute maximum value and premium services, all for just 1% commission

Our Clear Advantage

Traditional property agents just not cutting it for you? UnlockHome offers everything a traditional agent can, and much more. Check out the UnlockHome difference below.

What Do We Offer:

Unlock Home

Traditional Property Agents

Dedicated Full-service Property Agent

Well-Connected Seller Network


Detailed Property Valuation Report


Professional Photography, Floorplan Details, Brochures


Maximum Exposure – Online & Offline


Weekly Progress Reports